Announcement – New Publishers for Old Books

I’m delighted to announce officially that the Points books — Point of Hopes, Point of Knives, Point of Dreams, Fairs’ Point, and Point of Sighs — will be moving from Lethe Press to Catherine Lundoff at Queen of Swords Press, and the reissue will culminate with a brand-new novella, currently scheduled for the end of 2024. While I remain grateful to Steve Berman at Lethe for persuading me that I could continue the Points books after Lisa’s death, Lethe has been winding down its business for the last couple of years, and it’s time to move on. I’ve known Catherine for some years, and had stories in a couple of anthologies she has edited; we’ve also worked together on the Pride Storybundle for the last five or six years. Amy Griswold and I have already worked with her to reissue our Mathey & Lynes series, and I know that she will do a great job with the Points.

In addition, two other novels previously published by Lethe, Trouble and Her Friends and Shadow Man, will be reissued by Crossroad Press with new introductions to put them into context for contemporary readers. Both books were written in the 1990s, and Shadow Man in particular reflects understandings of gender, sex, and sexuality that existed at that moment. As a society, we’ve chosen to go in different directions, but I think it’s worth keeping the novel in print as a reminder that it is possible to imagine other versions — as an AU that now could never come to pass.

The books will briefly be unavailable as we make the transition. The ebook editions will appear first, followed by trade paperbacks of the Points novels, and the new novella will be out at the end of 2024.